• Get break through crop growth.

    Filament delivers precise probiotic soil assessment with 
    simple protocols to immediately course correct.
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  • We Baseline and Monitor. You Grow.

    We drive farm revenue without driving you nuts.  We pack your custom protocol with pro tips based on latest microbiological advances.

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  • Focus on biological metrics.

    Because all the minerals in the world mean nothing 
    if your plants don't use them.
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  • Stimulate your roots.

    Accelerate your plant's performance with easy to understand instructions so you can unlock your harvest.
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Probiotic Monitoring

Standard reports fail to measure plant micro-biome. Filament uses innovative  microscopy to deliver superior baseline results. 

Science On Call

At every step of the way, lab-certified technicians answer your questions and improve your results.

Save up to 90% of Water Use

 Battle-tested hydration techniques reduce total water consumption by over 10x.  Become an industry leader in water conservation.